Getting married in Vanuatu - wedding venues and legal requirementsIf you fancy a backdrop of glorious sunsets and picturesque beach views as you exchange vows with your significant other, turn that thought into reality in one of the best (and easiest) places for international visitors to get married: Vanuatu.

Legal Requirements
A wedding organizer can provide you with an application form, and you simply have to fill this out and submit it to the Vanuatu government 28 days before the big day. At least three days before you get married, you and your partner must be in the country together. Don’t forget to have your passports on hand to attest to your identity and to round up one witness for each of you.

As legal requirements are subject to change from time to time, please confirm these details with authorities before booking your trip.

Picking a Wedding Venue.
Once that the legal requirements are out of the way, one of the best parts comes – choosing your venue. Check out the following spots for your wedding. Each of these locations have something to offer to make your wedding incredibly memorable and truly romantic.

Aore Island Resort
This gorgeous resort can be found on the beachfront of a perfectly secluded tropical island, suited for a very intimate wedding ceremony for a few chosen set of guests or even a more formal 100-guest event. Picture a solemn and meaningful ceremony at the water’s edge, with pink-streaked skies, swaying coconut palms, and local string band music providing just the right touch to the scene. After a round of congratulatory champagne toasts, wrap yourself in each others’ arms, and dance to your heart’s content under a beautiful velvet sky. Reluctant to leave the picture-perfect resort just yet? If so, then why not spend your honeymoon in this idyllic place as well?

Benjor Beach Club
Are you dreaming of that most fantastic beach wedding ever to be held? Benjor Beach Club can make it a reality for you! This highly-rated beach resort, located in Vanuatu’s capital, can offer you a majestic 23-acre beachfront that you can hardly find elsewhere. With its milieu of the splendid ocean waters, the regal splash of waterfalls, and quiet gurgle of streams, this Zen-inspired resort has it all. For the more traditional-minded, the resort can also host a wedding in its very own chapel, which is surrounded with a picturesque garden to provide the most splendid backdrop. Whether it is a beach wedding you want, or a classic chapel ceremony, Benjor Beach Club is THE place to enter a lifetime union with your beloved.

Breakas Beach Resort
If you’re looking forward to satiating your senses with the brilliant panorama of the dazzling Pacific Ocean, lovely sea-breeze, and potent floral scents in the air, Breakas Beach Resort is no doubt the ideal choice for you. What’s more, with its lush garden vistas, fabulous infinity pool, easy access to surfing beaches, and eye-catching tropical designs, Breakas promises to provide a sultry setting that can cast a spell on any couple wishing to get a sanctified union in its premises.

Erakor Island Resort and Spa
When it comes to the loveliest spot for two hearts yearning to beat as one, nothing can beat this 4-star island resort. Its outdoor chapel is known as the Pacific Islands’ first church to have ever been built – a serene setting for a solemn ceremony. Its white-sand beach is most inviting for a barefoot and whimsical wedding service. Whether it is a time-honored ceremony in a chapel you want, or a breezy tropical rite performed on exquisite beach sands, Erakor Island Resort has everything to cater to your specific needs.

Eratap Beach Resort
Concealed in Eratap’s coastal forests are the wonderful secrets of the tiny yet glamorous Eratap Beach Resort. From mainland Port Vila, it would only take 20 minutes to get to this luxurious resort. †Prepare to fall in love twice as much with all the trappings of the most wonderful wedding spot: incredibly flawless white-sand beaches, verdant gardens, lovely lagoons, and immaculate reefs. With all these fantastic views, you won’t find a need for man-made frills; the surrounding natural environment and Eratap’s wonderful upkeep have already spoken for themselves.

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
An earnest wedding overlooking the peaceful Erakor Lagoon waters, a tranquil ceremony on the resortís exclusive beach front, and a backdrop of the plushest tropical acres you will ever find – do all of these strike your fancy? If yes, then get started on making your guest list and taking care of all the little details before you head to this love nest in Vanuatu. This deluxe resort is located about 2 kilometers from the country’s capital, and is a very convenient 15-minute drive from its international airport. If you have an intimate gathering or even a grander 250-guest party in mind, then Holiday Inn Resort is the ultimate choice.

Iririki Island Resort
As Vanuatu’s frontrunner, Iririki Island Resort has been, for 15 years, a venue of choice for couples looking to exchange vows.† This is not surprising in the least, since the resort possesses a couple of attributes that make it a great place for such a momentous life event. Iririki Island Resort has idyllic garden scenery, augmented with resplendent harbor and ocean views, all blending together to come up with an outstanding setting for a wedding day you will not want to forget! And it doesn’t stop there. Its magnificent poolside and sparkling beach also provide alternative beauteous locations.

Tamanu on the Beach
Envision a stunning ocean front view as nature’s very own wedding gift to you on the special day. Exchange vows at Tamanu on the Beach, and get the chance to include a host of other things to make sure the day lives up to your expectations: tribal warrior aisle escorts, beautiful beach bonfires, authentic Melanesian music by a string band, and a multitude of romantic whatnots. With all these, you’ll be content to say that it indeed is a great place to get hitched.

You deserve to experience the wedding of your dreams, whatever kind of ceremony it may be. Thankfully, in Vanuatu, you can make it all come true in the most surreal setting you can imagine.