Big Wota waterfall - Maewo- tours - VanuatuVanuatu is a treasure trove of fun activities one can indulge in: the wide open spaces, lush greenery, and wonderful landscapes are sure to excite any adventure-seeker that comes to this island paradise. Nature enthusiasts will love to trek through the verdant forests or take in it’s wonderful beaches and magnificent waterfalls. Cultural buffs will certainly admire the rich traditions and lifestyles of the indigenous people.

If you find yourself aching to experience any of these things, check out these tour choices and see which one strikes your fancy.

Millennium Cave Tour
The Millennium Cave is Vanuatu’s largest cave. This tour is absolutely a can’t-miss for all thrill-seekers. The cave is a 45-minute drive from the town of Luganville, located in the island of Espiritu Santo. From the road, trekkers must take a 15-minute walk to start the tour. The adventure starts with a trip to Funaspef village, the home of the tour guide. On your way to the village, you need to trek through a gorgeous coconut plantation and a bamboo bridge.

Once the instructions have been given and the necessary equipment handed out, your excitement will intensify with an excursion to a labyrinth of jungle paths, falls, and creeks. This should lead you to the tour’s climax which is the Millennium Cave. You will surely be amazed at the various cave formations, the plethora of tiny bats, and other mysteries in the dark. But the fun doesn’t end there. After enjoying the breathtaking view of the cave, you will be taken to a river journey. A short snack or lunch break will be provided to prepare you for this. While in the river journey, prepare to jump on rocks and swim under magnificent waterfalls. Surely, this tour is invigorating!

Enkahi Discovery Tours
The Enkahi Discovery Tours include exploring hot springs, a cultural tour, and taking canoeing lessons. Tanna Island has natural wonders to offer such as hot springs, geysers, and thermal vents. These make up one of the most unique experiences in Vanuatu.

Make your travel even more memorable by taking a cultural ride where you get to observe village women cooking in hot springs and young village boys using natural dyes on their faces. Take time to know more about the place by listening to extraordinary stories about the origins of the geysers and hot springs. After these, make your trip more meaningful by taking canoeing lessons. And in your spare time, go and get a chance to bond with yourself and nature by strolling along the beach.

The tour starts with a one-hour flight from Port Vila to Tanna’s White Grass International Airport where a warm welcome awaits guests. It will take another two-hour drive before you reach the local villages and thick jungles where you can start the discovery tour of your life.

The Summit Vanuatu
If you are a garden lover, this tour of the South Pacific’s largest tropical garden is just right for you. The 10-hectare grounds of the Summit Gardens have a lot of surprises in store for you. Imagine yourself strolling through 11 spectacular gardens.

The famous Summit Gardens are indeed captivating. It draws inspiration from the tropical gardens of America, Asia, and Australia. The amazing plethora of plant species in the gardens ranges from water plants to orchids, creepers, nuts, and fruit trees. There are thousands of these that give the gardens their vibrant colors all year round. This tour will not just excite your senses but will certainly stimulate your mind through the well-informed tour guides who happily share their knowledge on both the flora and culture of Vanuatu.

The tour doesn’t end here. After going though the paradise-like gardens, you will get a chance to visit the Summit Distillery where the processes of the Sandalwood industry are shown. At the distillery, you will learn about distillation of sandalwood and other essential oils. Likewise, you will be able to appreciate the use of such materials in creating soaps, candles, and other products. Of course, this trip is not complete without a visit to The Summit Cafe & Gift Shop where you can enjoy the taste of local food while gazing upon the spectacular vista of coral reefs, villages, beaches, and coconut plantations.

Tanna Island Spirit Eco Tours
The Tanna Island Spirit Eco Tour is yet another tour that you shouldn’t miss while in Vanuatu. In this tour, you will become a witness of the ways locals live their everyday life. Take this great opportunity to observe how the natives tend their gardens using traditional tools and build their old-fashioned houses where they have been dwelling all their lives. In this tour, you will have other completely unique and unusual experiences that you would hardly experience in others.

Vanuatu Islands Adventure: A Scenic Flight
As breathtaking as Vanuatu is on the ground, it is even more sensational to view from atop. Feast your overwhelmed eyes on the true majesty of the chain of islands as you fly over wonderfully exciting active volcanoes, sparkling cascades, fertile landscapes, luxuriant forests, deep cut canyons, and literally hundreds of other attractive sights!

Starting at the island of Efate, the tour goes on to the north to give you a view of the Ambrym volcano and two other equally impressive cones, Benow and Marum. From there, the striking and rocky Pentecostal Island coast is next in line to take your breath away. After a refreshing swim in one of Maewo Island’s raging waterfalls, you can enjoy a beach side lunch at Moyan by the Sea, a lovely resort on the island of Espiritu Santo. Once the tummy has been quieted, the tour continues over Malekula Island, Shepherd Islands, and Northern Eafate Islands before touching down in Efate. Truly a remarkable trip you won’t soon forget!

Whether you are touring for relaxation, exploration and discovery, or simply wanting a fresh look at life by learning about the ways of people from this side of the world, Vanuatu is the place to be. It has so much to offer you would certainly crave for more.