Scuba Diving in Vanuatu - best dive sitesAre you a diving enthusiast looking for the most spectacular diving spots in the world? Then look no further than the South West Pacific, where a chain of 83 tropical islands can offer you the best there is! Get ready to have the most exciting and most thrilling adventure of your life in the most idyllic diving mecca – Vanuatu. Here are some of the diving spots worthy of your attention.

Top Dive Sites In Port Vila, Vanuatu

The beautiful waterfront capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila is situated on the main island of Efate. This delightful town cultivates a cosmopolitan ambience with its fantastic duty-free shopping, sophisticated selections of fine dining restaurants, and comfortable sidewalk cafes. There is an amazing range of accommodation options available, running the gamut from lodges to self-contained studio apartments to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts – all within the town center’s easy reach. Several of the best dive sites are also minutes away.

Pango Wall/Drift

This stunning dive site is one of Port Vila’s most diverse reef plains. Get to the outskirts of Pango Point and explore a reef that slopes down gently into uncharted waters, home to an assortment of sea creatures and plants, such as anemones, nudibranchs, hawksbill turtles, yellow fin, barracuda, and wahoo. With its water visibility of 30 to 40 meters, nothing can stop you from feeling the ecstasy of beholding such delightful views.

MV Konanda

This island trading vessel, 51 meters in length, was purposely sunk and transformed into a dive site when it was damaged by a cyclone in 1987. When you opt to hone your diving skills at the Konanda, get ready to feast your eyes on some of its inhabitants, which include lionfish, crocodile fish, and boxfish.

Star of Russia

The builders of the Titanic, Harland and Wolff, are also the parents of this historic sailing ship. The 80-meter long and 13-meter wide ship was built in 1874. Examine its romantic bow and stern at a depth of 35 meters, and check out her three huge masts and the rigging along the railings. While you enjoy your safety stop, do not forget to admire the bat fish circling you.

Semle Feddersen

Diving at 40 meters, you might not be able to resist gasping at the splendor of this cargo vessel. Keep your eyes peeled for the magnificence of its Gorgonian fans, cabins, wheelhouse, and stern area. The water’s clarity at this site is unbelievable, with a visibility as deep as 60 meters, allowing you to take pleasure in all of its sights and scenes.

Tasman Flying Boat

This Qantas S26 Flying Boat was ditched in the harbor after a catastrophe and sunk to a water depth of 40 meters. This hulking titan of a boat, with its incredible 30-meter wingspan, is just begging to be explored by adventure-hungry divers. The cockpit of the Tasman is highly visible, resting at 36 meters under water. Besides the cockpit, there are numerous other entry and exit points that makes exploring this site relatively easy but also quite exciting.

Top Dive Sites in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

The island of Espiritu Santo, a tropical paradise brimming with heavenly white beaches and glorious dive sites, is just an hour away flight north from Port Vila. This superb getaway gets more than its fair share of diving visitors, having some quite impressive dive sites.

SS President Coolidge

This luxury passenger liner turned World War II troop carrier provides one of the best wreck diving experiences in the world, as several divers would attest to. The SS President Coolidge became a remarkable underwater playground after she got hit by mines while entering the Santo harbor.

Because the ship remained almost entirely intact, you can still explore its numerous holds and decks, which display several glorious reminders of its cruise liner days and patriotic remnants of its period as a troop ship. Prepare to be amazed by the exquisite “The Lady” porcelain statue, an equally delightful mosaic tile fountain, and brilliant chandeliers, while guns, cannons, helmets, jeeps, trucks, and personal supplies left by soldiers are waiting for your inspection. As if that was not enough, the wreck’s coral and innumerable sea creatures consisting of lion fish, barracuda, turtles, and a horde of reef fish are also in competition to get your attention.

If you want to inspect the whole wreck and see everything it has to offer, you will have to dedicate a minimum of 10 dives to achieve this grand objective, as the ship is about 200 meters in length and rests in 20 to 72 meters of water. However, a few dives should be enough to give you a sense of the SS President Coolidge’s enormity and grandeur.

Million Dollar Point

No, you will not find a million dollars in cash waiting for you at this unique diving spot. Instead, you will see a range of US military equipment worth over a million dollars (hence its name) that were dumped into the sea at the end of the World War II. Bulldozers, cranes, trucks, and fork lifts piled upon one another await your exploration at Million Dollar Point.

There is a good selection of diving operators to choose from, offering a multitude of services from introductory dives to multiple dive packages. Prices range from approximately 66USD for a single dive to 680USD for 10-person dive packages with gear hire. Check with diving operators like Nautilus Scuba, Aquamarine, Sailaway Cruise, and numerous others for specific and more accurate prices.

When it comes to diving adventures, none can compare to the world’s diving epicenter¬† – Vanuatu. Make your travel arrangements now, and brace yourself for a diving escapade that will surely have you coming back for more!